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Art therapy for the soul. 

The kind that includes raw honesty and a desire to connect both internally and externally. The kind that lacks expectations and therefore doesn't lead to disappointment. 

Many women feel like I do, so I never find a point in hiding my thoughts. If we want society to be more inclusive, we must allow them to get to know us fully. Art is the best way, which is why I love being an artist.


October 09, 2021 - Loneliness

I woke up one day feeling lonely.


I've never had a real romantic relationship and as time passes the less it makes sense to have one. 

Yet I still feel a loneliness from time to time. Is it my animal instincts perhaps? Or is it society's grasp on my mind?


Will my focus on my career and independence lead me to a  future where I look back and wonder... what if? 

June 01, 2021 - Anger

There's a side of me that is always angry and I was taught to shut it down even though it hurt.

But when the authority you've blindly followed starts making less sense in your world... was your anger justified to begin with? 

Who's values are you really following and who's life are you really living...yours or someone else's? 

I was taught that anger was a beast you better kept locked and avoided... but now I see that a trial is never fair if you don't let all sides of you give their verdict.


Anger in the right amounts has your back. 

February 09, 2021

April 03, 2021

Explanation coming soon.

June 01, 2021

Explanation coming soon.

October 07, 2019