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This character is by far one of the most complex characters in my story. The reason being; he is more than 2,000 years old and has a lot of experience and trauma under his belt. When he was young, his specie was secretly massacred for 'mysterious reasons' causing him to become an eternal runaway. Whoever killed his family is after him, so wherever he goes, trouble abounds. Nonetheless, he is the main love interest in my story and my goal is to make, break and make him again.


How can an immortal hardened by life learn to live normally once again? 

Follow me into the IDENTITY NOMAD's many adventures to crack the code!

1900s - 2000s: Andrés García

The Explorer Phase

After discovering a new life goal our Identity Nomad takes in the generic name of Andrés García. During this time he sets off on a search for a powerful treasure said to be nothing but a myth. However, having had no life-purpose prior to learning about the treasure, Andrés is willing to bet his life on finding it. 

Our adventurous explorer visits the abandoned Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia where the enlightened Mahayana Buddhists prospered ages ago; but after peering through his camera’s viewfinder he discovers that perhaps they never really left!
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1500s - 1700s: Cap'n John Doe

In 2018, Inspired on a college project I did back in 2014 called "Rock or Die," about horrible scoundrels who swore on oath to rock music, the idea of merging Doe's story emerged. I always knew this character was a pirate for a while, likewise I knew he had taken the famously used fake name to retain his secret identity and to provoke the most feared pirate of the times Cap'n John Ganit. He travels the world aboard his mighty ship L'Amphitrite (named after the Greek Sea Goddess) whilst he flees from his mortal enemies.


It is during his time as John Doe, that his life takes the unexpected turn his immortal soul had been starving for.

 Cap'n John Doe Meets Mara the Casique

While on his quest to the new world for the up-and-coming hot commerce item; pearls, Captain “John Doe” ventures in the present day Maracaibo Lake where he finds the Palafitos (wooden houses on the water) which inspired Venezuela’s name.

With the scorching hot tropical weather he sets foot on ‘virgin land’. Little does he know that the Cacique Mara, chief and protector of the land is two steps ahead of the game.

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