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17- Sisters



By now we start realizing the types of relationships each characters might have with each other. Of course this is just the surface, more has happened before and more is to come!

Dylon can be a little brash when his pride gets hurt.

Blake on the other hand has learned the hard way that things are not really what his best friend and family paints them to be.

We finally get out of the house! I loved drawing the plants.

Concerning the design, here I tried experimenting with a slightly different way of drawing things. I colored the outlines and treated the backgrounds differently. I also paid close attention to the line weight within the line work.

Also... boobs, I know. I know where I want my art to reach and I'm going to have to start adding it little by little so people get used to what will eventually come.

Did I mention, my story is not for kids?

Real Life:

I actually spoke to my brother concerning Dylon - the character inspired on him. My brother is actually not like Dylon (version machista).

First of all, my brother is the youngest of the 5 siblings and he is not as mean and disrespectful as Dylon is here in the comic. However, I spoke to my brother on what journey this character would go through and what kind of messages he'd give my viewers. We both agreed that it was ok to let my storytelling abilities free on Dylon. My brother's true personality shines bright on a later time in Dylon's life.

Concerning Blake's mysterious and quiet mind, of course now you know he had a sister that passed away, but there's more to this character's past which will be revealed in due time.

I believe human beings learn more from hardship, so it is no surprise I make sure to really focus on my character's hardships and how they shaped them.

They are the way they are for a reason.

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