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Ylla loves the ocean as I do and this world might seem random but so is our brain am I right? We’ll soon find what she is looking for, don’t worry. Jeje!

Real Life:

Since I lived in a Caribbean and fell in love with the Caribbean vibe, I have a need to incorporate it into my art. I based Ylla’s mermaid features on a Blue Parrot Fish which was my favorite fish of Aruba’s Palm Island experience. Jaser’s merman/merperson design is based on a Venezuelan piranha – feisty like Jaser.

Also, as a certified scuba diver, capturing the world under the surface is something that has always been a deep desire of mine. I am not there yet but I am actually pretty proud of how I started to do it in this page, the temperature is there and the colors do remind me of my moments under the sea.

I also am obsessed with old wooden ships, you can see some hints in previous M.E.P.T. comic pages.

Final remarks:
Remember this is still experimental people. It seems like it’s all over the place, but in truth I want it to be. I want to explore visually as fast as I can the realms that I have thought of in my head for so long but never put on ‘paper.’ These pages are helping me grow so much as an artist. I can see my improvement in every single page, even if some might feel more lame than others, there is always something I learn from each and every one of them. Goes to show, practice makes ‘perfect’ – if perfect is your mind to hand coordination.

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