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Job Equality
Agriculture & Stone Architecture
Building Ceremonial Grounds
Goddess' Will & Mourning
Sex Without Knowing Consequences
Magic Chosen Women
Magical Birth
Praise The Goddess Through Art

Goddess Culture Reimagined

After studying mythology's goddess culture, my self-driven project was to make quick visuals which would depict the life of a Paleolithic civilization which venerated goddesses. The small story follows the relationship of a woman and a man while depicting how life was in a Goddess Culture imagined and interpreted by myself. Popular inspirations were the Venus of Willendorf and Stonehenge.  
In the respective order the images show: Social Life, Job Equality, Agriculture and Stone Architecture, Ceremonial Grounds, Accidents, Goddess Will and Mourning, Sex Without Knowledge, Magical Chosen Woman, Magical Birth, Praising the Goddess through Art.
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