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L'Esprit du Lieu

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Esprit du Lieu or Spirit of Place is a term used to describe what unique aspects make a specific location special. Lacoste is a place like no other, filled with little secrets and curiosities that most overlook as they stroll quickly by the cobblestone pathways. In Esprit du Lieu Lacoste is looked at in an unconventional way. With their unique point of views and unsaturated colors, the images are meant to capture your curiosity and make you want to wonder what is either behind or around the corner or even question ‘what will happen next?


An important aspect when capturing these images was keeping an open mind, freed from distractions such as the daily stress and anxiety, for that reason it was essential for the pictures to be taken early in the morning, when thoughts are fresh and clean to wonder. Giving way towards nurturing one’s curiosity without the thought of time constraint. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a major inspiration for the feel of my series. Hidden in Esprit du Lieu, the curious audience of all ages gets the opportunity to see straight on what they might have missed when strolling around Lacoste, such as the cloud catchers, secretive doors and the interesting meandering pathways. Sometimes it is the small things that surround us which give way to great ideas.

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