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Hola, me llamo Nadine Promes García.

An experienced storyboard artist with credits such as Futurama, Disenchantment and King of the Hill.

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, my art explores the spectrum of human emotions through a diverse cast and their many adventures inspired by real-life events. I use my art to venture into the light and dark corners of growing up and dealing with all the hurdles involved. 

I aspire to share what I have seen and learned from my travels and life experiences through my art and projects. My interest in human interaction and cultural bridges really inspires me to create worlds with colorful characters who undergo common situation however told in a way only digital media such as Animation and Sequential Art can. I want to create or help create open-minded stories with limitless possibilities, targeted to audiences all over the world as well as some targeted to specific groups.


*I do not require a visa nor sponsorship.

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