What is

Mon Dérive?

There is no clear beginning nor definite end. It's what happens when you throw your map out the window, but with art involved. 

My Experimental Play Time 

I remember the excitement of play time when I was a child. Where I made my own rules and didn't have a care in the world. Pure bliss with just me and my imagination. This is exactly what this random ongoing comic is for me. 

I use it to experiment, get out of an artistic block, reminisce on nostalgia or just have fun!


The characters and locations are true to my universe and each page has real-life inspirations which I'll talk about every time I publish a page, because why not, right?


Jaser's Challenge

Designing an original character is easier said than done. However, there are different exercises to help your creative juices flowing when stuck.

For example: Drawing the same character in different styles.

Here's my take! 

Animators with no Boundaries

This article wonders through the beauty and nurturing wonders traveling does to an artist. World building, better storytelling and culture are just a couple of the perks!  


Inspired by Lacoste, France and its most infamous inhabitant; the Marquis de Sade.

A Student Volunteer’s Experience at Annecy Animation Festival 2015

What to expect as a volunteer or badge holder at the Annecy International Film Festival!  

Goddess Culture Reimagined

After studying mythology's goddess culture, my self-driven project was to make quick visuals which would depict the life of a Paleolithic civilization which venerated goddesses.

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