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Bold Journey:
Meet Nadine Promes García

"Little did I know that this obsession I had for creating stories and characters would be the key to my discovery and understanding of empathy."


Meet Nadine Promes Garcia | Artist: Comics • Storyboards • Art Therapy

"I grew up seeing American and Japanese animation, and I fell in love with them and their culture. Having no representation of Venezuelan culture in the kind of shows that I fall for affected my nationalism and desire to fight for what I don’t relate to. As an artist I seek to change that."


2020-2021 WIA Scholarship Winner

Out of 97 applications from 49 schools across US states as well as Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Germany, Indonesia, Sweden and Vietnam this year, the WIA scholarship committee selected these 10 amazing students as most deserving of scholarships... [WIA 2021 Scholarship Program Winners | Women In Animation]

Una cosa es lo que piensa el burro, y ot


In my journey towards self-discovery, it is important for me to never forget where I came from.

This is why I’m so happy to present to the digital world my new series titled ‘MARABIN CORNER.’

This collection of different series is meant to educate and share random cultural facts on my natal city of Maracaibo, Venezuela 🇻🇪 in a very creative way. Some are specifically from Maracaibo, others I'm sure Venezuelan in general... regardless of their origin what I'll show is stuff I personally grew up with.



Art therapy for the soul. 

The kind that includes raw honesty and a desire to connect both internally and externally. The kind that lacks expectations and therefore doesn't lead to disappointment. 

Many women feel like I do, so I never find a point in hiding my thoughts. If we want society to be more inclusive, we must allow them to get to know us fully. Art is the best way, which is why I love being an artist.



A project I'm proud to have worked on. 

On November 3rd, 1920 the bloodiest presidential election in American history occured in a small town in Florida called Ocoee. 

100 years have passed and still almost NOBODY knows about it and barely anything has been done to repair damages caused. 

It's time to uncover one of the many human tragedies corrupt souls have tried to keep hidden from the people. 

To view the docuseries for free download the CLCK.TV app in the following link;


SCAD Animation Fest Alumni Panel

SCAD AnimationFest returned this year for its fourth annual installment in an all-new virtual setting. Special screenings, presentations, and workshops with major figures in the animation industry made the two-day event an informative experience accessible to all. Key programming included Alumni Voices, a panel comprised of alumni from diverse international backgrounds speaking about their journeys to successful careers in the industry.


My Experimental Play Time 

I remember the excitement of play time when I was a child. Where I made my own rules and didn't have a care in the world. Pure bliss with just me and my imagination. This is exactly what this random ongoing comic is for me. 

I use it to experiment, get out of an artistic block, reminisce on nostalgia or just have fun!


The characters and locations are true to my universe and each page has real-life inspirations which I'll talk about every time I publish a page, because why not, right?


Jaser's Challenge

Designing an original character is easier said than done. However, there are different exercises to help your creative juices flowing when stuck.

For example: Drawing the same character in different styles.

Here's my take!


What is
Mon Dérive?

There is no clear beginning nor definite end. It's what happens when you throw your map out the window, but with art involved. 

nadine bold journey.jpg

Animators with no Boundaries

This article wonders through the beauty and nurturing wonders traveling does to an artist. World building, better storytelling and culture are just a couple of the perks! 



Inspired by Lacoste, France and its most infamous inhabitant; the Marquis de Sade.

nadine bold journey.jpg

A Student Volunteer’s Experience at Annecy Animation Festival 2015

What to expect as a volunteer or badge holder at the Annecy International Film Festival! 


Goddess Culture Reimagined

After studying mythology's goddess culture, my self-driven project was to make quick visuals which would depict the life of a Paleolithic civilization which venerated goddesses.

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