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M.E.P.T. 22-Niño




I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason, therefore, there is a reason why Ylla goes through her dark moments. However, at the age she doesn't quite have all the tools necessary to cope with her inner struggles. Luckily, Ylla and Jaser have each other to learn and grow together. 

There's a back story to her anger, however that's part of the official comics, which will come in the future! Since MEPT is experimental, I'm taking my knowledge of these characters and making random skits. I'm sure these skits will make more sense to many when the actual story comes out. 

Real Life:

From the MEPT collection, this page has been one of my favorites by far. I love the colors and the badassery of the dark shadows and accent colors. 

We start seeing a couple things Ylla struggles with and the value of Jaser's friendship.


Coming Soon: 23- ...
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