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Ylla is very dramatic and Jaser is just trying to learn about humans but has gotten to understand that Ylla is a peculiar 'teacher.' She uses lots of Spanglish and slang which throws Jaser off a lot, but since Ylla's imagination is very vivid he has no problem reading her mind and understanding what she means. He also takes things very literal sometimes. It's surprising how he sticks by Ylla's roller-coaster personality. Perhaps he finds her fun?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ylla's "what are you wearing?" comment is because Jaser is a boy and he's wearing her pink clothes - remember that Latin America is very machista. Ylla was raised and conditioned with that mentality but at the same time she gets distracted easily with other matters. 

Ylla taught Jaser how to 'use' human clothes and why they were important. Although Jaser doesn't get it, he told himself he would 'trust' this one human (Ylla). 

Real Life:

The subtitle thing I'm trying to do is a response to the many subtitles I've had to sit through when watching subbed content. I want to keep my culture real and there's no better way in my opinion than to plunge in all the way! 

That 'pálida' saying is used by one of my little sisters (Rose in this story). She is SO good with using Marabine slang and sayings. Even better than I am! I'm trying to collect as many as I can to celebrate them. They're super funny.


For some random reason, I actually always thought Australians resembled people from Maracaibo with their funny, fast and sometimes vulgar way of speaking casually. Weirdly enough, I've never been to Australia or have an Aussie friend, so it's just a random hunch from the many Aussie videos I've seen. I'm just letting my creative run wild, peeps. I love Jaser!   

The clothes Jaser is wearing actually existed. The shirt was custom made by my mother for one of my big sister's birthday parties when we were little. The pants were just some I owned and wore a lot.


This kitchen is basically fully based on a kitchen in one of the houses we used to live in. I actually asked my siblings to remind me where everything was located so when Ylla is looking at the 'pan dulce' (sweet bread), they literally were in that cupboard she's facing. I like keeping it real. The amount of times  I remember rummaging the kitchen like Ylla is doing is funny to me.

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