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01- Thinking



In my universe, many beings have 'out-of-the-ordinary' abilities. As you can see, Ylla can conjure images with her mind. Many times when someone uses their power, their eyes glow.

Concerning our pal Jaser, he's not your average fox, he can speak and read minds amongst other things. When you read his speech bubbles, I dare you to do so with an Australian accent - that's what I do! (Apologies to all Aussie's out there if I screw up Jaser's speech, I'm open to taking notes!)

The three wooden swords on top of the drawer chest belong to Ylla, her brother and their mutual bestie, but instead of each sword having one of the "B.F.F." letters, they have "B.M.F." which stands for Best Mates Forever. They had a thing for pirates.

Real Life:

Ylla's room is located on what some people would call 'the attic.' This is inspired on the time my family lived in Aruba and for a while I took over the attic because I wanted my own room... jaja! The inside of the room, however, is heavily inspired on a house my family has in Maracaibo, Venezuela. My father loves wooden floors and furniture. We always had to be careful to not scratch the floor... aish! That bed is just like the one I had as well.

Ylla's p.j. is based on one I actually owned. It was gifted to me in a Secret Santa exchange by a family friend that passed years ago.

Get used to the Spanglish, this is exactly how I spoke growing up.

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