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04- Hambre



Have you ever been spooked to such an extent where you feel your soul left you for just a bit? "¡Se me salió el alma!" / "My soul left me!" I would say at times if that happened.

For the first time we see Jaser's human form! He's actually older than many characters in my story but is young-looking and basically Ylla's height.

I actually really enjoyed the last panel, it made me laugh. I found it pretty clever how she grabs the panel for dear life. It's some sort of comic 4th wall breaking. You know when your art makes you laugh, you're doing something right. :)

Real Life:

This house is designed to replicate houses I lived in as a child. I'm grateful of the privileges my father and family worked so hard to give me and my siblings.

That big sliding door actually existed and sometimes it took two people to shut it, it was pretty heavy.

They used to say I could eat everything, including rocks! I used to eat a lot when I was a child. To this day I'm a hangry person at times.

I also depict the dilemma of having too many options. The arrows have the colors of Venezuela's flag, I always find ways to add Venezuelan hints here and there.

Like Ylla, when I was young, my pride was off the charts, mostly because I was pretty insecure and found ways to make myself feel 'higher than others.'​ Obviously not the best method, but I was a child. I'm still insecure today but I cope with it differently.

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