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06- Poison



Ylla is portraying the real-life obsession my siblings and I had with this cereal called "Flips" growing up. Jaser is of course surprised by Ylla's obsession, mostly because he doesn't get to indulge as much as she does.

I have researched a lot on red foxes to properly translate Jaser's fox form to human form and in doing so there are definitely some things human Jaser has that fox have as well. I'll show them throughout the comic pages. In this one you find out chocolate is poisonous to him, just like it is to foxes (and dogs). He prefers berries and small rodents (fox diet).

Jaser has freckles because of his melanin cells, I translated it that way because that also makes me think how foxes have different colored fur.

Real Life:

The cereal that Ylla is eating is 100% shamelessly based on one of my (and my siblings') favorite Venezuelan cereal; Flips. Venezuela is world-wide known for the top-quality chocolate produced in the country - although ever since the dictatorship came to be, I'm not so sure we produce it anymore to be honest. ​Flips is seriously the best in the world and in my household one box can disappear in a sitting, no milk needed. The cereal is basically chocolate-filled cookie pillows. I think they finally brought it to the USA and called it a weird name (Toops). It probably won't be recognized as a Venezuelan example of greatness but it is, no matter if they change the name to 'Toops' (eye roll).

In this page I feature items that used to live in my childhood kitchen. Like glass bottle of Maltin Polar which is a malt beverage my siblings and I love. Also the bottles of fresh orange juice my family would pick up from a grocery store called La Mega (pa mi gente - justo en frente de Chops en la 72!) Fresh fruits are always best in the tropics, we always had growing up.

Again, this kitchen is basically fully inspired on the kitchen I grew up in - with exception of that whole in the right wall.

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