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07- Stairs



Like Ylla, some of my sibling and I were very agile going up and down the stairs, sometimes skipping five steps going down and three going up. I might have tripped but never really fell doing this. Only slipping on my butt one time or two.

Jaser can go up quickly as a fox if anything, but he has not necessarily mastered the human body. Although he tries.

Real Life:

Again, this house is exactly how my house was back in Maracaibo. The downstairs living area was different but these stairs were exactly alike. With the master bedroom behind Ylla and another room to screen left to Jaser and two more rooms upstairs. My room was actually where Ylla is headed to in the last panel.

I'm definitely nostalgic and never want to forget how this beautiful house used to be before we were 'emotionally thrown out'.

The frames on the wall also were exactly as we used to have them. The ones going up the stairs (five in total) were put up by my mom. They were pictures of each one of the siblings in order of birth, I remember my picture (the top second one) had a picture of a dolphin kissing me from my 11th grade science trip to Curaçao.

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