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08- Dame



With more characters being introduced the improvised story becomes more interesting. Each character has back and 'front' stories I can't want to show the world.

These two boys being introduced are Dylon (Ylla's brother) and Blake (childhood friend - god son of Ylla's parents). Ylla, Dylon and Blake are the three original characters I started with. Quickly Jaser's character followed. These four characters have been with me for more than 10 years! Their backstories have been unlocked throughout the years, and they keep on getting more amazing as time passes by.

My characters are a mixture of many thoughts and people. I used certain crushes I've had to inspire me with Blake's character a bit. I have hopes people will find him and the rest of the characters as intriguing as I do.

Blake and Dylon are playing video-games with a magical twist.

Real Life:

Dame = Give me

Here's a visual of the love of "Flips" my siblings and I shared, also how fast the cereal box's content was devoured.

Dylon represents my little brother. The interesting thing about Dylon is that I wrote his character's older version way before my little brother became a teen. Amazingly enough my little brother grew up to be very similar to Dylon. He was my window to the future!

Location-wise, they're in my actual room in the house my family use to live in, but in the story this is Dylon's room. Blake actually has his own room in the house as well.

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