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09- Morado



This page is where I finally start implementing more serious topics and a bit more insight on the personal lives of my characters. They are your average kids next door, which includes the good and bad sides of being a kid.

Also, the depiction of how the mind-readers in my stories 'mind-read' is still up in the air, but this experimentation of showing how Jaser reads Blake's mind works this time. I'll probably keep experimenting.

Blake is a private guy, and as you can see, Jaser has no filter whatsoever, he still needs to learn about the intricate complexities of proper socializing. Not even his mind-reading abilities can help him with that.

Dylon asks the same question about the clothes Jaser is wearing and Jaser is absolutely at a loss as to why he gets asked this. There's many things about humanity he does not understand. Likewise, there's more to Jaser's confusion than meets the eye --> more about this in the next page!

Real Life:

In this page there are two topics I gently tap on that are not only in Latin America, but all over the world. Domestic violence and homophobia.

It's ​silly how certain colors and patterns are still very labeled as either male or female, I believe people should wear whatever they want as long as they're not harming others. Consideration definitely also needs to be practiced, though. Every situation has a context.

I was lucky enough to have been raised by parents that didn't physically harm me and my siblings, however there was a time in our youth that that wasn't the case. By no means do I want to disgrace my parents, but I do stand firmly on the fact that using any kind of violence against children is wrong. Children can be super difficult and at times accidentally resorting to these methods can happen in the heat of the moment. I was a troublemaker and got myself into many dangerous situations, but I still believe other methods should be used and patience should be practiced. I'm pretty sure the kid will never forget any sort of violence inflicted on them. Let's not pass on violence down our lineages people, the world is already too messed up for that.

Also, concerning cultural matters:

1- The word "verga" is actually a fowl word we vastly use colloquially in Maracaibo, and when I say vastly, I mean we use it A LOT.

The following viral video was made by high school students and it explains pretty successfully the use of the word "verga";

2- I'm not Australian, but I'm open to getting slang help from an Aussie! ​

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