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10- Pink



Jaser has Protanopia color blindness. Half of the comic is how a person with Protanopia (Red-Green Color Blindness) tentatively sees the world.

​Blake doesn't like to talk about his personal matters in the open, so the fact that the topic was changed 'saved the moment.' Maybe Dylon did it on purpose?

Kitsune is the Japanese word for Fox. Kitsunes in Japanese folklore are seen as tricksters as well.

Real Life:

I had done some research on fox eye-sight and found that they are red-green color blind which is why Jaser has Protanopia (Red-Green Color Blindness).

Like Jaser, my dad is color-blind, but not as bad as Jaser.

Like Ylla, when I would have crushes, I would never say anything but was probably pretty obvious. I used to have an 'I-want-to-be-your-savior complex' with the people I've liked. Likewise, I would get distracted super easily.

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