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11- Dani



I enjoyed playing with Dani's character going from one panel to the other or overlapping them. It's fun how organic her figure can be, really gives in for good motion.

Since this is improv-storytelling I wasn't really aware I was introducing Dani's character until I drew the bottom half of the previous page. The idea was really refreshing as I was getting a bit tired of showing only the male characters - not that they're boring.

I feel the story ​starts taking more form after Dani's character is introduced - mostly because of the relationship Dani has with Ylla and the kind of things they do together. Someday I'll tell Dani's story which is one I feel is super important.

Real Life:

Here are two new​ characters to my universe, fully based on real people in my life.

Vicky is one of my little sisters who likes to keep to herself.

Dani was a really close friend of my little sister and I (basically another sister) who passed away a couple years ago - but as you can see, she is still very alive in my mind. Dani and I had lots of similarities and mutual hobbies so we got really close.

This room is basically a replica of my little sisters' room back in our house.

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