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12- Talk



Story: In this magical universe many things are possible but they are all related to the same energy so instead of magic, it's really a sort of energy. Some people are more susceptible to this energy than others. Seeing 'spirits' or 'ghosts' also takes a couple pre-requisites for an individual to have, but that's for a future tale.

​Design: You can notice here that I started experimenting with different ways of adding the speech bubbles, now they're not hand drawn messy-looking yet they still keep the color code I had experimented with prior.

​Design: I still try figuring out how to incorporate the subtitles and as of now I feel it works but I do know I still need to find the right way to add them as I'm sure I will run into road blocks if the conversations become longer.

Real Life:

Memories: I remember my siblings and I flashing up and down the stairs, just like Ylla does.

Reflection: I used to have a stereo in my room and would literally blast it every day. I guess I didn't get scolded because my dad also plays really loud music at times as well. I'm 100% sure that me doing that is what caused my hearing to not be as sharp. I typically played Jason Mraz, Green Day or Coldplay aside from my 1k+ song playlists in my Classic Video IPod. I was a song hoarder, but thanks to that I literally surprise people by the amount of songs I know.

Reflection: Daniela was actually a classmate of my little sister Vanessa (Vicky) but Dani and I became really good friends and would share things I wouldn't with Vanessa. I eventually started feeling I was kinda taking Daniela from Vanessa a bit, but perhaps those feelings were just my insecurities. However, I did have a bit of an artist-discomfort with my sister because of her lack of interest in my stories, but many of the reactions I got were caused by my own mistakes and actions in the past. This is something I will also reflect on with in the stories. As a child, I used to be very pushy and make Vanessa do uncomfortable things or go through painful moments because of my selfishness. What comes around goes around.

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