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Ylla's has a 'demonic' side!?

Like Ylla, I've kept journals for a good chunk of my life, they help me unwind when my inner-demons threaten to eat me whole!

Real Life:

I used to be a difficult child to handle. I've always been very emotional and people's ignorance or mean words would hurt like daggers (still do). So to protect myself I developed a burst of egocentric-rage that served as a shield from those daggers and inner-demons that attacked me. Being very energetic and always being on guard would definitely get me into a lot of trouble and I was constantly scolded.

I still remember that one time when my mother instead of scolding me for the first time saw me as someone having potential to be more than what people saw me as - a troubled child. I didn't feel bullied but comforted and her words made sense. I guess I was also ready to hear them. They changed my way of thinking and so I chose to draw or write my anger instead of shouting it. I would draw all the time and sometimes couldn't even sleep because I was so into it, other times I would fall asleep on my drawings. Ja!

Art became my means of burning up my excess energy - and I have never stopped using it.

Emotional exorcism.

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