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19- Evidence



In this page I decided to introduce other very important and interesting characters in my story. They are Clara (yellow bathing suit) and Claudia (purple skirt). Time will tell my viewers about them and their important journey.

You can see relationships struggles and links at this point - at least for Ylla, Blake and Clara.

Also, you can see how Ylla is very impulsive in thought and jumps the gun with assumptions - this is something she must learn to deal with in her life. Soon you will find out how it affects her negatively. However, the answers to all her future questions come with Time.

Real Life:

I also used to be a bit ego-centric but I would always stop myself from being the center of attention - although I secretly longed to be. This wall of insecurities came from past events and scoldings that hurt me a bunch. This duality of the 'impulsive version' vs the 'scared version' created many internal mental struggles which is something Ylla will struggle with.

As you see, she likes to dress as she likes and feels pretty but feels insecure of her body regardless, making her not feel attractive. With Ylla there is a lot of duality.


Playa Adícora is actually one of many beaches found in the Lago del Milagro (El Milagro Lake) which is a brackish lake totally based on my natal city's Lago de Maracaibo (Maracaibo lake) which contains much history and unexplained phenomenon I'm using as inspiration to push the magic elements in my story.

Adícora is actually a real Venezuelan village located northeast coast of the Paraguaná Peninsula, in Venezuela, specifically in the Falcón Municipality and 24 kilometers south of the island of Aruba. Adícora means "Jajatal", halophytic grass of brackish land. This indigenous voice originally was "jadícuar", has been going through "jatícora" for "jadícora" for "aríkula" until today "Adícora". [Wikipedia]

I've actually never been to Adícora and don't know if I ever will. I was interested in lighthouses in Venezuela and fell upon the one in this town.


Beach Culture​

In Venezuela there is a beach culture as the country's coast is part of the Caribbean allowing it to host amazing beaches. Likewise, Aruba (a place I'm also basing this setting in) holds some of the best beaches in the world. I personally have yet to find better beaches than the ones in Aruba.

When I was young I never saw people surfing in Aruba, I do know they do it in present day. I always wanted to learn to surf and although my brother does not surf, I'd like to believe we would have both learned if we lived in a beach city.


When my family lived in Aruba, we would pass by the hotel strip which held many of the best beaches. I remember there were places that wold braid your hair with colorful beads and my sisters and I loved how they looked and felt. There was a time my mom learned to do them to our hair. I would love to shake my head and feel them shake and make noises. I wanted to bring the beauty and joy to that kind of hairstyle, which is why I'm having Claudia sporting beautiful green beads in her hair. Having been lucky enough to travel and meet all kinds of people and cultures I now wonder if I were to have them made in my hair now would it be considered cultural appropriation or negative in any sort of way (as it is a hairstyle derived from Africa).

I wonder where does one draw the line? And, is it valid to ask these questions in present day Earth's society?

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