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20- Cowards



What is this?! Ylla has a (dare I say) dark side?

Real Life:

Here I start to introduce the real juice behind my stories. This MEPT Comic idea started in a time in my life where I needed to force myself out of the negativity surrounding me. This is the reason why this experimental comic is a bit all over the place and light. Truth is, my official stories are a mix of everything but there is a bunch of darkness the characters have to deal with.

In page #20 of the MEPT pages, I'm barely grazing at one major challenge Ylla has to live with. The really cool thing is that I've only written/sketched about it in my journals, this is the first time I see it drawn in a more-or-less proper way. Seeing it play out in these MEPT pages makes it more real and actually gives me more insight on to what is really going on and how things work.

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