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21- F**k



I will explain it better in my official comics but Ylla goes to this damp, cold place to unleash those strong emotions that take over her. There is a lot more symbolism that some might catch but I rather keep them to myself until Ylla explains it herself.

There is much more to her than meets the eye.

Real Life:

This page was actually hard for me to publish. I find the design interesting but the topic a little heavy.

There is definitely an ugliness on the content shown that I feel my mind shames me from diving into. However, my art's purpose is to express my truths and therefore allowing me to grow and fortify myself internally. I've done it for years secretly but to publish it is still scary.

With that being said, yes, her feelings were once mine and perhaps, I sometimes hear their echo.

Since my stories are semi-partially based on who I am, it is essential to show who I was and why. Regardless of how ugly or scary that might be.

That is the true purpose of art.

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