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There is much angst hiding inside young Ylla at this moment in her life. Unfortunately (and fortunately) for her, this is but the beginning of her angsty life. However, her relationship with Jaser already proves to be a great balance to calm her dark-side. It’s as if she needed him, and perhaps he needs her? In time we’ll see if this dynamic-duo’s relationship is stable or not.

Real Life:

From all the pages I’ve done so far, this one is by far one of my favorites – although I feel I’ve already said that about a previous page. Jaja! This is the point of this experimental story, to always grow and learn!

Sometimes Jaser is a fast learner, for example, you can see how he’s connected the dots to calming Ylla’s angry side with her journal. In truth Jaser is partly a metaphor for something I discovered in myself a long time ago when I started journaling. I will reveal it more in depth later on, but it has to do with curiosity. Jaser’s curiosity is why he sticks with Ylla (kind of), but of course, there’s more to the story that this experimental comic will show.

Concerning Ylla’s emotional explosion. It’s of course a hard topic to talk about, but it has to do with things that affected me growing up. I used to be a little angry ball of fury myself and I’ve had to learn many things by taking many hard blows – I mean, I still do. However, younger Nadine eventually became a blank journal eager to fill her pages with so many thoughts and questions about the world and her feelings. She allowed herself to feel then think - as does Ylla. Of course, this ‘feel/act-then-think’ method very rarely proves successful. You live and you learn right?

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