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There are some things that I have always had in mind yet for some reason have never sketched. This is a great example of one of those things. Ylla’s powers are very interesting and they are of course meaningful and metaphoric (as is everything in my stories) – but again, wait until the official comic to know more about that. Jeje.

Real Life:

I love how I’m getting better. This is definitely not my favorite page but it holds lots of value for the ideas it gave me. Since this is a random comic based on the characters I know SO well. I draw random things sometimes that I’ve never drawn before and then puzzle pieces start falling into place. It has happened quite often in this experimental comic.

Goes to show that writing and sketching your stories is never the same as actually seeing them in fully fleshed comic-pages! It is easier to believe they are real the more fleshed out they look.

Also, I adore Jaser’s profile! That’s my favorite part of the page. Oh, and the red hands are cool too.

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