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I love how experimentation can take you far into places you’d never imagine. This page is exactly that. I don’t necessarily know where this is going, but I’ve always had an idea of it. Now seeing it materialize in front of my eyes makes it more tangible and real! This is Ylla’s escape.

Ylla is a young teen in this random/experimental comic and although Jaser’s human form is physically older, mentally and in magical fox years he’s close to Ylla’s age.

There are many clues and foreshadowing of the story that I tried incorporated in this page. We’ll see if in the future pages I’ll get back to them or not. I still don’t know how long this particular one will be.

Also, yes, Jaser’s hair is long, jeje! There’s a reason for that, but I do gotta keep some mystery for the official comics don’t I?

Real Life:

The making of this page was heavily based on Kyle Webster’s free Adobe brushes, which I downloaded and messed around with – as some of you can tell. Since I’m still figuring out my style, finding the right blend of render between background and character is a fun challenge I’m playing around with.

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