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I actually enjoy how the on-going topic of what Jaser wears as a human has been going on since the beginning of this experimental comic. In the official comics Jaser will have a more important role on the questioning of human gender roles along with many other human-related matters. We start seeing how Ylla starts having trouble explaining things because she herself starts having trouble understanding them in the first place.

I’m still playing around with how this magical place works but it’s really fun playing around with brushes to see what effects they will give me.

Also, I know nudity is looked down at by many but Jaser is a character learning to be human while at the same time he fights it. Being in his skin-coat and away from human ‘things’ is part of his protest; his freedom.

You can also notice how I try to play more with the panels and the expressions. The expression where Ylla is thinking heavily is inspired on Ian/Worthikids’ work. I LOVE his expressions and comedic timing.

Real Life:

It’s fun to see Jaser wearing the clothes Ylla wore because it’s the first thing that came to his mind. Also, it’s fun that it really is clothes that I owned, from headband to skirt – this helps a lot because I myself remember tripping on it multiple times, which is exactly what happens to Jaser. Some people may feel weirded out on why I make my guy character wear girl clothes (like the other characters themselves feel), however I’m searching for ways to really make people reflect on why does it even matter in the first place?

Also, I remember starting to have doubts on the homophobic views of my surroundings very early on. I remember being very curious to those I perceived were within that spectrum, it wasn’t very common for me. I know it’s not about singling people in the LGBT+ community out, however when you are raised in an environment that teaches you to think of a certain group in a certain way, you start looking out curiously and with different perspectives as a way to rebel from the negativity surrounding you and other communities.

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