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Here you have it, an interesting reveal of something so often done but with a Nadine twist.

Real Life:

Being honest I wasn’t in good spirits when I did this page. I’m a sensible person and tend to have my share of downs alongside my highs, and perhaps I’m still floating in that low wave. My art is about my psyche and this page introduces an element that has been with me for years and will be a big part of Ylla’s story. I’ll focus on that and not whatever is making me feel low.

I feel I wrote about my fears as a storyteller before, but here I go again. I know that my stories will most likely offend people so I feel there’s absolutely no way out of it. There will be violence and ugly/hurtful/toxic themes and it is my way of walking through those to try and understand why they exist and therefore appreciate my ‘good’ growth more. My characters will make mistakes and some will learn, some won’t, but it’s all about growth and reflection.

I will say though that there are things I do find interesting from this page and it has to do with the compositions. However, I feel I appreciated them more in my Instagram post where each panel was presented separately. I’ll be frank, the borders are thick because I didn’t plan the best I could have and the art ended up being in smaller panels, but it’s fine, I enjoy experiencing what a page would look and feel like with thick borders.

Because of my sour mood, I’ve also been doubting now if my choice of linework is the right one. I believe it is, but there are certain things I need to do and think of when drawing. I know I have a long way to go, but at least I’m going somewhere.

To end on a positive note, I did enjoy drawing evil-Ylla (name to be revealed someday).

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