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Jaser really can’t tell the difference between these two; the future official comics will reveal why exactly this happens to him. Likewise, this interesting ‘antagonist’ is one of the many I’m super excited to work on as I find her very eye-opening personally.

Real Life:

Although this story is really far away from real, the moments I insert little pieces of my soul are moments that are cathartic for me. It’s not easy to be so open and raw with the ugliness of our nature, but it exists and therefore it’s as real and relevant as our good traits. This is why I push myself everyday to be as honest as possible with my art. Finding ways to express myself as the living being that I am, flawed and all. If we hide part of ourselves we will never really fully get to know the whole picture of who we are and therefore never fully understand how we became our present selves. Jealousy was and still is very present in my life and once upon a time I was both of these characters – well, way less evil of course.

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