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Here’s a further hint of another of the main characters, however, there is more that meets the eye with what’s happening here.

All I can say is that whatever happens in their future is not what these characters expect their lives to ever become.

Real Life:

Now that it’s easier for me to integrate settings and characters together I tried my best to quickly show the setting that has forever lived in my head. Of course it’s a very simplified version but it’s so crazy to see the cliff forest on ‘paper’.

Self-note: Figure out how to properly show that Jaser reads Ylla’s mind from time to time, like he’s doing in the first to third panel. Jeje.

I really feel accomplished that I can now say I finished a 32-page comic. It was an amazing adventure that started as an escapism from a very dark moment in my life and became an ever-growing passion. It’s beautiful to see how much I grew and how constant I was.

I have a long way to go but I have come a long way from where I started.


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