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M.E.P.T. 14-Fool




First and foremost, I must remind you (the reader) that this comic is improvised. I go one page at a time and that means that I don't necessarily know what will happen next. However, I do know my characters' lives and personalities so when looking at a new blank page and taking into account the last page I did, the story plays out on its own. It's like the story plays out on its own, and my brain just presses 'pause' and 'play'. I will say though, sometimes I do have a vague idea of something interesting that could happen, but I try not to think too much into the future since it's an experimental comic and not an official one. 

In my story (like in real life) there is a lot of family drama. Uncle Graham is Blake's father's twin brother, but Blake's mom has beef with him. The reason why comes up later though. It's juicy stuff. 

Yes, unfortunately Blake's household is not an easy living space for him. Blake is not a stranger to domestic violence, this is the reason why he's hung out with the León family since he was a little boy. You could say he's an honorary León. Of course, Ylla doesn't see him that way.

Real Life:

Since my goal as an artist is to dissect difficult life experiences into moments of growth, it's not surprising I start getting deeper into the darker aspects of these character's lives. It's not just magic and laughter here. I'll confess my stories actually tend to be pretty dramatic, however, this experimental comics is helping me keep it chill. They're good practice to remind me to keep the balance. 

Many of the things spoken either happened to me or I heard or read somewhere else.


While growing up I would make stories of my characters going through similar hardships I would go through in real life. This helped me see my problems from various perspectives and it really pushed my reflective capabilities. It helped me separate myself from my feelings and think more logically. At least that's what I tell myself. :D

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