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M.E.P.T. 15-Histérica




As you can see, ​I adore expressions. This page was particularly fun to make because characters were overly expressive and I could break their design to push their feelings and reactions.


I used to have outbursts like this sometimes so making Ylla have one is nostalgic and fun (not saying that all my outbursts were excusable). I really enjoyed my privacy and people would constantly come into my room without knocking so not knocking on my door before entering became a pet peeve of mine.

I also enjoyed the little 'game-like' panels at the bottom, although I actually have never been a gamer. The last games I got into were on a purple Game Cube we owned: Super Mario Sunshine (finished) and Zelda: The Twilight Princess (never finished it though).

Real Life:

If you are latina and have been called 'histérica' raise your hand. \(-_-), 

Is putting strong minded women into a label fit to diminish them correct? 

Why is it so bad for women to have opinions and voice them out? 

Why is it NOT bad for men? 

Is having feelings and emotions bad?

Who chose what is right and wrong? 

So many questions would come up to my mind when things like this happened to me at home or at school.


No gender is above another.

Boys will be boys is not an acceptable excuse anymore. 

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