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M.E.P.T. 2-Mind




Since this story is free form I allow myself to blurt out bad words since it's literally how these characters talk in my head - and how my friends and I used to speak when I was younger. I tried playing with putting speech bubbles on top of one another because they're literally talking on top of one another - it's a little messy in this page but it is a fun experiment. 


Jaser had a deal with Ylla where she was to teach him about everything she knows and in exchange he would be her friend.

The Wayuu art Ylla is practicing is based on reality. More on the section below.

Real Life:

When I was younger, I would hide in my room or bathroom area to draw for hours stories involving these same characters. I didn't like showing my sketches to anyone so I would quickly hide them when I heard someone. I've always been a little fire-cracker so whenever I would get interrupted I would get super upset sometimes because people would 'mess with my flow'. As you can see, I've been living in my head with these stories for many years. During High School I would have all-nighters on a week day and my dad would get really upset and make me stay home and rest instead of going to school and falling asleep - my dad's respect for sleep is higher than his idea of punishment.  

The Wayuu people are descendants from the Carib and Arawak peoples and live in between the Venezuelan and Colombian boarders close to the Caribbean Sea. They are mostly known for their weaving artistry which includes bags, hammocks, belts, tapestries and much more. In Venezuela, the Wayuu, also known as Guajiros, are mostly concentrated in Maracaibo, my natal city. You can see Guajira women walking with their beautiful gowns in the streets. When at home, my grandmother would always wear her own Guajira gowns which are very airy, perfect for the hot Marabine sun. 

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