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Of course it wasn't homework. ​Ja! 

Jaser loves to question human rules and Ylla likes getting her way. Like many Marabine folk are, you could say she is 'arrecha,' a slang term with many meanings, but in this case it means someone that doesn't stand down until they get their way. My way or the highway baby! 

Real Life:

Notice how Ylla's body language is very expressive. Latin Americans tend to be more open with their body language and speech. I have a theory it's because of the warmer weather in our countries that kept us more social as opposed to colder countries where people are more likely to stay indoors.   

Like in the comic, my dad actually never liked animals in the house.


Nor did we leave the windows or doors open because flies would always get in and it was almost impossible to get them out, so we had to kill the poor things. Moths and geckoes also sometimes would sneak in and you also had the occasional disoriented bird. Like myself, Ylla hates anything that looks like a butterfly, especially moths. 

Venezuelan furry moths are an actual thing, look them up! *chills*

I actually did have doors and bookshelves like that.

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