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Dérive : a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences. Dérives involve playful-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll. (Guy Debord)
For me, Dérive is as unpredictable as my the future. In fact, my stories are based on experiences I have had, will have or have heard of by reliable sources; in other words they grow with me. They are my Art Therapy - 10 years + in the making - where I have developed the basis of a life philosophy. As I share my stories and characters with the world I hope to strengthening my reflections and possibly helping others with their own life struggles.  
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
Fortune favors the bold

Welcome to my mind temple... (the long version)

This is the story of how this universe came to be.
For as long as I can remember I have been drawing; like many artists out there. However, ever since the winter vacation of 2005 I started drawing out a story that within time would become a metaphorical collections of my life's reflections. Would I call it art therapy? Yeah, why not? To my surprise the characters I had created were not just rich in personality and purpose, but they were also spokespeople to the many debates my over-thinking mind would have on a daily basis. 
Without a doubt, my characters and their many adventures made me the person I am today. They are the little secrets I've kept hidden for more than 10 years, scared to lose them to the scary world I still try to figure out through them.
Due to the fact that I only worked on the story in winter vacations it took me until 2015 to finish with a total of 493 pages of sketches. This story is just one of the many adventures my characters live through. In these fantastical adventures my characters learn to understand humanity, loss, love and heartbreak, growing up and much much more. LIFE.
My hope is that my stories reach those who need a hand. Help those who need understanding. Teach those who are in need of reflection. Touch those who feel alone, etc. 
In the most sincere ways I want to spread acceptance and open-mindedness on different cultures, beliefs and identities. 
I don't know where this story will take me, all I know is the amazing things it has done for me, and I hope it could perhaps do the same for others.
Up until now my stories were dérive journeys, just like writing down your thoughts in a diary, unplanned, filled with emotions and reflections. Now my goal as a professional storyteller is to go back to them and tell them in the polished way they deserve to be told. Currently, in the form of comics. 
Since my stories are all about growing up and learning from your mistakes and experiences, maybe some people will appreciate them, some people might not, and that's ok. But to those who dare enter my mind temple through the journey that is bringing these stories to life, I just want to say, thank you and welcome inside! 

It's me... but not really...

The following are snippets of a couple of the original winter special story sketches. Because I made up the story impromptu, the drawings were quick and sketchy as I gave into the frenzy of inspiration. 
As mentioned before, the stories are mostly inspired by my experiences and thoughts but modified metaphorically for story-telling purposes. However, there are bits that are 100% real-life events. 

¡Qué chévere! (How cool!)

This is what one of the sides of a full page would look like. The other side would also be filled with sequential drawings to make good use of the whole paper. Heads up, my story will have lots of slang since its main family is Venezuelan-inspired. Other culturally rich characters will also be involved. This is an opportunity I'm taking to teach the world of other amazing cultures out there. 
Also, this story is not always kid-approved, jeje! 


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