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Rock or Die

In 2014 for a 3D structure class in SCAD, I had to create a marine civilization with a specific theme. I got pirates, and since I'm obsessed with pirates it was extremely fun. We had to create a masthead, a hat, a ship that could float and a book. From the book, this story-poem was born.

Rock or Die !

By: Nadine Promes

Rumblin' and stumblin' a-rockin' they go, 

to steal all the bootie from high and from low.

The screeches the metal the blood-chilling beat

announce their arrival; no time for retreat.

Axe-metal six-string will slit through your throat

from the arm of the captain with the beastly black coat.

They say that the masthead with its low sprung guitar

hides the soul of an old cursed and deadly rock star.

On deck you might hear the concertos they play

to feed their dark souls each night and each day.

The pirates, confronting will smash towards their crowds

like their own violent mosh pit; deadly, bloody and loud.

Dare defy their rock music you may want to try, 

but recall to your loved ones you might say goodbye.

For these pirates one code dare they not defy;

each one of them swears nothing but Rock or Die ! 

Pirate Cap'n Nadine

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