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Meet the AOL Crew

I can't express any more than I already have how challenging doing a five-minute-long short in 10-weeks is, especially if one takes into consideration that most of the weeks were only for pre-production. It was only the last couple weeks that my amazing crew got together and managed to pull this off.

No words can really describe the sacrifices these good souls gave for my short. In many ways it was mentally exhausting however they were there from beginning to end and that is something I will never forget!

Thank you! 

For more of their art click on their image or name! 

Nadine Promes

Writer - Director - Co-Producer - Art Direction - Storyboards - Animator - Editor - Compositing

Eesha Chavan

Producer - Art Direction - Layout

Claire Belyea 

Art Direction - Layout - Sound FX

Leslie Pozo

Original Music - Cast (ME)

Conrad Lee

Animator - FX Animator

Sally Luo


Tejasvita Negi

Animator - 3D Layout - Layout

Rene Rivers


Emily Thompson

Animator - Compositing

Ruth Ilano


Sara Elenen


Kit Brooks

Animation - Layout

Saulo Cisneros

Sound Editing

Laura Di Lorenzo


(Sister, Spanish & English)

Isabella Anette Rodriguez 

Cast (Brother, Spanish)

Angel Munguia

Cast (Brother, English)

Kimberly Henshaw

Cast (Mom)

Jesse De Santiago

Cast (Dad)

Ana Promes

Reference Photography

Robert Promes Jr.

Reference Photography

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