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The Woman In Black

I was given a script extract from a 1987  movie adaptation of "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman.


Giving it my own voice and personal twist, I changed it from a confrontation of past lovers to one involving a woman and her alter-ego.

Valentino Y El Diablo

Based on Cartoon Network's VICTOR AND VALENTINO,

a show created by Diego Molano.

Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Our adventurous explorer visits the abandoned Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia where the enlightened Mahayana Buddhists prospered ages ago; but after peering through his camera’s viewfinder he discovers that perhaps they never really left!

Diamond Thief

A thief gets caught stealing a precious gem and uses an unusual tactic to get his way.

Al Otro Lado

(At The Other Side)

A sister takes her little brother into a story-telling journey to help him cope with their parents fighting.



Leaving the nest is never easy, but with the support of her father she learned to fly through the toughest storms.

Las Prendas del Alma:

Libro 1 - La Perseverancia

A young man's inner-strength helps him overcome his fears and reach his dream goals.

Heaven Calling

It's never easy losing a loved one to cancer, but what Daniela taught her still echoes and helps her move forward.

Delivered Hot

Pleasure delivered straight to your door.

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